Sash Window Restoration . . .
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The following photos are of Penhallick House, Nr Redruth. The sash windows are over 120 yrs old and in terms of maintenance they had been given less than 4 coats of paint over the 120 yr period. Getting some much needed life into these windows took a lot of hard work. Each window took around 6 days to complete, starting with the preparation of securing the glass.

The glass was very brittle and much of the wood around the glass was missing or rotten. The glass contained in each sash window would cost around 6000 POUNDS to replace if damaged, so securing the glass was our first priority. After that had been done the preparation could begin.

The window first had to be covered so it could be completely dried out, after which all rotten wood could be removed and 2 pack resins could be injected to replace what was once there. They were then air tight sealed, again resin filled, 3x wood filled rubbed and smoothed back into the original shape and hey presto!!, One fully restored window. If these windows are looked after treated and painted every 8months for the next 2 yrs they should only need a fresh coat of paint once every 3-5 years.

The windows of Penhallick House now look stunning..